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>> 20080501

"Nearly every industry in today's economy is somehow connected to the military industrial complex.

Corporations manufacture weapons for profit. Private contractors provide the military with infrastructure and logistics support. Universities conduct military-related research. These are but a few examples of the beneficiaries of our "permanent war economy."

Corporations contribute millions of dollars to political campaigns with the hope that their investments will yield profitable returns in the form of military contracts - and they do. Lockheed, General Dynamics and other weapons-makers derive most of their income from military-related production, while Halliburton and Blackwater receive billions to support military operations around the world. Meanwhile, for Chevron, Exxon-Mobil and other corporations, war has meant record profits and an opportunity to take control of Irak oil as they continue to capitalize on the USA addiction that also fuels the climate crisis.

It's time to bite the bullet and stand up to the war profiteers that are undermining our democracy, bankrupting our economy, ruining our environment, and destroying thousands of lives."

INFO: http://www.bitethebullet.us/


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